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Yoga as medicine


Yoga as medicine

Yoga is a millennia old spiritual and ascetic discipline that is rooted in India's long history. It is founded in the book "Yoga Sutra", which consists of religious "aphorisms" that a person of belief should follow. Yoga entered western culture in the mid 19th century with a "boom" of Hindu philosophy study. The duology of this philosophy and the way it separated body (matter) and spirit (energy) thrilled a society that was confronted with the outcomes of Industrialisation.

As one might guess, religious fundamentalists fought yoga from its early stages in western countries and many still do, by arguing it is a worship dogma of a religion. As most people though would say, that is completely true, but at the same time, laughable. In late 20th century, Americans embraced yoga as a series of subtle exercises that didn’t strain the body and as a much-needed means of relaxation for the mind in the then hectic world.

Ever since then, more and more people have included yoga, in one form or another, as part of their exercise or relaxation routine, and more and more studies have tried to figure out how -and if- yoga helps. As expected it wasn’t the religious part of yoga that helped people. Yoga (and especially hatha yoga) practiced as a purely physical exercise unconnected to any religious dogma benefited practitioners with their breathing, their body posture, but mostly their mental focus and health. Studies showed the multiple benefits of yoga, but nothing that was hard proof for it to be used as a treatment. Lately besides the benefits of yoga to relaxation, studies have proven physical benefits to people who practice it often.

Nowadays yoga is one of the most popular alternative treatments and all doctors agree that helps in pre- and post- medical treatments. Yoga maximises the benefits of exercise, helping patients prepare for a treatment or after, as a form of supplementary treatment. It has been used for diverse conditions such as asthma, diabetes, depression, cancer and even AIDS, as a supplementary therapy with excellent results. For most people thought, yoga will help them in reducing anxiety, mood boosting, anger management, respiratory issues and physical posture.

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At Thermae Sylla we offer group and personal yoga sessions that will maximise the thermal, beauty or medical treatment you’re following. Moreover, reach beyond the physical benefits, by tuning in your mind and spirit, enabling a holistic, but customised approach in healing.

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