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Work & Wellness go together

Work & Wellness go together


Work & Wellness go together

Work & Wellness go together

In a world where remote working is gradually becoming the new norm, a workation in which work and wellness can be combined is perhaps one of the most valuable experiences to pursue. Working remotely gives people the flexibility to be anywhere in the world, provided they can log on and get on with their work uninterrupted. Now add inspiring sea views pouring into your remote office, diving into a thermal pool after you log off to take the edge off plus a series of therapeutic wellness treatments into your working week. If this sounds like a remote working dream for you, then a workation at the best thermal spa resort in Greece, is just the thing for you.

What a workstation at Thermae Sylla Spa has to offer


Tranquility & stunning scenery

Our luxury thermal spa hotel in Greece is a place that resembles a sanctuary. A refuge of quietude and calmness in which you can work in peace, away from distractions. Our location lends itself for retreating, focusing, recharging and reconnecting. In such a setting, the mind can expand and work more effectively and creatively. We are blessed with incredible panoramic views of the sea and surrounding landscape. Waking up to such magnificent views is bound to soothe your soul instantly, setting the mood for working more efficiently and with a positive disposition. Working from your sea view room will do wonders for your productivity.

Thermal wellness

Now here is where choosing a workation in a thermal spa hotel can really make a difference. The wellness element and well-being experience at Thermae Sylla Spa is definitely one you won’t find elsewhere. The legendary, natural thermal springs of Edipsos are at the heart of our foundations. They fill our thermal pools, letting you soak up their bountiful mineral nutrients that have a plentitude of health benefits. You can incorporate any or many of our luxury spa & wellness treatments that range from soothing to treating, and also have a medical approach for specific health conditions.

Healthy lifestyle

Here you can rest assured you will eat well. Start your day right, by fueling up with a hearty breakfast and making wise choices from a range of deliciously healthy meals throughout the day. Even use this workation as an opportunity to get started with your own personalized nutritional plan for weight-loss with the guidance of an expert supervisor. Helping you stay trim, Aqua Gym runs twice per day for a non-impact fitness session to keep your endorphin levels high. Need to just decompress for a bit after a hard day of work? Simply dive into our thermal pools and wash all the tension away.


Top-tier services
We provide our guests with free wifi throughout the hotel. This means all you need is your laptop and our wifi password to start your work day, whenever and whenever you feel like it. You can be in your room, at our lobby, around our thermal pools and anywhere you decide is most comfortable for you. We have a 24 hour reception and room service for anything you may need round the clock as well as extended breakfast hours so you can have an extra early breakfast if you need to or have it later so that you don’t rush yourself in case of an early morning meeting. What’s more is we offer you a free airport transfer from Athens when you stay for us for a minimum of 1 week.

Work remotely in Greece and watch your wellness levels soar with a workation at Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel in Edipsos, Evia that will inspire you to work better and work wonders on your physical condition.

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