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Wintertime at Thermae Sylla


Wintertime at Thermae Sylla

Wintertime is almost upon us, soon temperatures will peak at single-digits and our body will ask us to fall into hibernation and cocoon under a ton of blankets! Our mood matches the weather and all we want to do is stay in, with a hot cup of tea.  At the same time our body starts burning more calories to maintain its temperature, calling us to consume more food and thus gain weight.

However these are all excellent opportunities to get one step closer to your perfect body shape and overall health and wellness. Thermae Sylla can provide you the proper environment to achieve the optimum results in reaching your goals, especially during wintertime!

Detox following a personalised treatment programme, that will cleanse and revitalise your body, making you feel healthier in no time! Lose some weight, following a healthier diet, based on Thermae Sylla’s Mediterranean cuisine, which relies mainly on fresh local-grown ingredients and traditional ways of cooking, and on a nutrition specialist, without going on a strict diet.

Optimise the results of the treatment with yoga that will help you attain faster physical stability and mental balance. Ask our specialists for one of the custom treatments just for you, like the Ginger Body Scrub, that helps your body get firm and at the same time detoxify you from the outside!

Step out, into the cold for a natural hammam, at our regulated-temperature pool. Our outside pool is 50% sea water and 50% thermal water, thus maintaining a temperature of 28 to 30 degrees, no matter the weather conditions outside. A regular visit to the pool is like a natural Scottish bath, from the warm water to the cold air outside, just don’t overdo it out in the cold!

And what better way to follow your day, after treatments, yoga and a pool visit, than relax and let the knowledge you gained that day sink in, by sipping some tea from our vast selection, in the hotel’s lounge, right opposite the fireplace.

Choose a detoxifying or an energising or a simple delicious variety of your favourite beverage and relax reading a book with the company of the lit fire or talking with a friend about next day’s schedule.

Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget that your Thermae Sylla visit is simply the first step to a better you, but every journey starts with a  single step.

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