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Wellness Holiday: Be free from stress


Wellness Holiday: Be free from stress

A holiday should bring out the best version of you, and wellness is a key element in bringing that out. A holiday that has wellness at its core, should nourish your body, as well as your soul. It must be able to re-align your being, balance your energy out so that you feel relieved of stress, tension, worry and pain, whether physical or emotional. The physical toll that stress has on us is considerable. Modern life has pushed us into overdrive, with weekly routines that demand a lot of our energy, putting a strain on ourselves, as we are constantly trying to over achieve, to over deliver to over provide. This constant state of pressuring ourselves, causes psychosomatic imbalances that can easily occur throughout the body, manifesting themselves where you would least expect them. More often than not, these imbalances become related to wider health issues, causing further aggravation, if left untreated for long.

And this is where Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel can assist in rekindling your balance, as you experience a holiday that has your wellness as a priority. Here, you can combine a seaside escape with therapies and treatments tailored to you and your needs, specifically. Here, we do things a bit differently than most hotels. If you are visiting us with wellness concerns in mind, we arrange a general medical examination and clinical analysis for you, in order to book your personal consultation session with our therapists. They will assess your health condition, listen to your concerns and your goals, then proceed to recommend one or a combination of specialised wellness programmes that will work wonders for you.

What causes stress:
It is one of the simplest of afflictions, yet stress is the slyest of all. Every time you have a deadline, every time you have deeply worrying thoughts, every time you make high demands of yourself and every time you feel frustrated, your nervous system feels threatened. However, it is not only negative factors that can become ‘stressors’. Positive events such as planning a wedding or buying a house can also have a stressful effect.

When stress goes untreated:
There is such a thing as chronic stress, then another more severe is that of stress overload. The dangers to the human psyche can be manifold, leading to all sorts of cognitive, emotional, physical and behavioural symptoms that can be difficult to reverse, if the cause of stress has been untreated for a long time.

How we treat stress:
We have devised the specialised, 6 Day Anti-stress Programme that will completely de-stress you, by incorporating a handful of therapies that aim at your deep relaxation, detoxification and overall rejuvenation.

Symptoms of stress:
Usual symptoms linked to stress are the following:
- Anxiety
- Lack of concentration
- Fatigue
- Insomnia
- Heachaches
- Muscular pains

If you feel you might be experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms, you may be stressed. Be mindful of the adverse effects of stress and be sure not to let it worsen, while leaving it untreated. Perhaps you should consider visiting us for a wellness holiday remedy and return to your routine, absolutely revived.

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