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This year, experience a Thermae Sylla Spa*rkling Christmas


This year, experience a Thermae Sylla Spa*rkling Christmas

At Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel, Christmas is one of our favourite seasons. We love the colder temperatures of the outdoors, precisely because our indoors are so fulfillingly warm and inviting. When our exteriors are all dressed in white, our interiors are all buzzing with the excitement and energy that our natural thermal springs and our positive attitudes bring.

There is nothing that beats the sensation of feeling safe and cozy, with a myriad of wellness options to choose from, that are guaranteed to rejuvenate you, inside out. And the greatest thing of all? Wellness is more easily achieved, during winter!

If you haven’t spent a Christmas season at Thermae Sylla yet, then let us give you a ...taste of our ambiance and the reasons why combining your Christmas break with wellness will redefine your notion of a Christmas holiday in the following ways:

Discover the Christmas spirit at Thermae Sylla

During Christmas, our wellness hotel is dressed in its most romantic lights, ornate decorations and is filled with the season fragrances that will make you feel like you’re at home. But, here, you are our special guest, so you don’t have to worry about the technicalities of being a host! Visiting us this Christmas will fill your holiday with light and warmth, with our facilities having undergone a heart warming festive and joyous transformation! Tiny lights dispersed here and  there, ornaments of Santa and his deer, and magnified snowflake decorations are placed all around our wonderful winter interiors. You can gather round the brightly lit Christmas tree, or our blazing fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa, and let the loving ambiance fill you up. Christmas carols and chimes resonate softly throughout our halls, while your nostrils will pick up the sweet scents of vanilla, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg, that emanate from our cuisine while we prepare delicious Christmas treats, only for you.

It is a perfect opportunity to combine a cozy, romantic break with the incredible benefits of our spa treatments. Have yourself a spa*rkling Christmas,  in one of the best seasons to go on a quest of personal wellness! How so? Read below...

Maximum rejuvenation, at your disposal

Our natural thermal springs have won certifications for their therapeutic properties by the European Spa Association; our spa waters are packed with mineral goodness, while the thermal waters spring from a depth of 3 km. You can fully benefit from our awarded range of thermal water spa programs and medical spa treatments that will immerse you into bliss that both your mind and body can feel.

> Thermal Springs are ideal for winter months:
At Thermae Sylla we have the added advantage of constant temperatures; our half-thermal, half-sea water outdoor swimming pool is open all year round, because it maintains a standard range temperature of 28-30 degrees celsius. Indulge in this popular spa experience of a natural external hammam that means you can soak in its healing warmth while enjoying the contradiction of the colder air above the pool. This is actually most enjoyable during the colder months, as the water temperatures may be overbearing during the warmer summer months.

> Surrender to our revitalising range of spa treatments:
Our spa treatments span from wellness enhancing to medically fortifying, covering a wide range of needs: anti-aging, aesthetic, nutritional therapies, weight loss & slimming, toning & firmingdetox programmes and detox treatments plus physio, water and mud therapies that work wonders for ailments such as rheumatism, bone and joint pains. In addition, we also offer exercise regimes such as yoga & aqua aerobics to help you achieve your fitness goals, with the additional benefit of combining these with one or more of the above mentioned therapies.

Depending on how intensive you want your spa experience to be, on how deeply you want to relax, we deliver a high level of wellness services to meet your specific, individual needs.

Become enveloped in our luxury

Considered a landmark of Greece, Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel is a haven of rejuvenation through luxury. Apart from the in depth spa and medical spa treatments, at Thermae Sylla you can pampered to the brim with luxurious treatments that will leave your skin feeling supple and smoother: massages, relaxing beauty treatments, facial treatments, body wraps, as well as nail and waxing services. After you’ve sampled our revitalising treatments and you can feel the difference on your skin, relax your mind by enjoying our elegant and sophisticated interiors, with a hot cup of infusion or herbal tea to accentuate the sense of relaxation before you retreat to your suite and snuggle up in your comfortable bed with your loved one. Our moreish, gastronomic choices will appease your taste palate, matching the level of our Spa Hotel’s 5* luxury. Our menus have been designed with a strong focus on high nutritional values, in order for our guests to fully capitalise on all the wellness benefits during their stay. Experience fine dining combined with delicious healthy choices, in a setting of demure opulence.

Visit us this Christmas, discover a world of winter wellness and be rejuvenated in time for the New Year!

Have yourself a spa*rkling Christmas this December...

*Photos: Thermae Sylla during Christmas 2015!


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