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This is what we do,This is who we are

This is what we do,This is who we are


This is what we do,This is who we are

This is what we do,This is who we are

As pace of everyday life becomes more intense and even more business-focused, the inner needs of our body and mind become louder and louder, seeking for ways to rejuvenate and relax. The whole holiday rationale is already evolving from the random accommodation stops concept to guest homes of soothing ambiance and pure serenity. The goal is clear and it lies within the fundamental human demands for feeling better, healthier and livelier. And this is the reason why Thermae Sylla Spa comprises the most holistic approach of true reinvigoration and wellness indulgence; a world-class, professional spa with top-notch hotel services and not the other way around.

Now, unraveling the tangle of our own existence we piled-up the reasons Thermae Sylla Spa comprises your first step to a better life; because the world of wellness is the world you deserve: 

1) Your Home of Wellness

It all starts with the Water. It is this unique natural thermal water with its celebrated healing powers that draws people to Edipsos, for baths and therapies, ever since antiquity. It is this water that Thermae Sylla uses in all its treatments and products. Step into Thermae Sylla Spa and Wellness Hotel, one of the top 10 spas in the world, as voted by the prestigious Conde Nast Traveller magazine, open year-round.

2) The Thermae Sylla Premises

Hospitality is the key. Thermae Sylla Spa and Wellness Hotel is a historic and local landmark, dating back to the first years of the Hellenic Republic. The Hotel offers an understated luxurious, yet homey accommodation and is directly linked to the Spa facilities to allow for easy access, even with your robes. Don’t forget to try our healthy Mediterranean cuisine, with local produces ingredients, or enjoy our hearty breakfast buffets. Just one and a half hour from the Athens International Airport, Thermae Sylla Spa and Wellness Hotel is ideal for quiet and relaxing holidays.

3) Need for Spa-cation? 

The benefits of the most famous thermal water at your disposal. Step into a world of wellness, healing, treatment and relaxation. The spa's renowned water springs naturally from the underground (no need for drilling) at an already hot temperature of 80-85 degrees Celsius, carrying with it minerals like radon – a powerful therapeutic element with healing properties. It is this water that we use in all our therapeutic treatments and products. Even our pools are filled with, after being emptied and cleaned every day.

4) The sacred region of Edipsos

A place blessed by nature. Located on Evoia, the second biggest island of Greece, Edipsos is famous for its thermal springs that heal and rejuvenate ever since Antiquity. Hippocrates and Aristotle visited the springs and wrote about its benefits and the rare microclimate they create. The sea is always warm and the sun shines 300 days a year, tempting visitors for a dive even in winter! However the location has more to offer. Day trips to the Acropolis, Meteora, or a visit to one of the numerous small churches and monasteries will help you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. Whatever your interest in beyond the property's premises, we can arrange for a tour or activity within the greater region. 

5) Stress-free, Tailor-made Events 

It’s a night to remember! A good event is all about planning, sending invitations and choosing the location. A great event worth remembering is all about escaping from the demands of everyday life and creating the perfect conditions to rejuvenate, celebrate and fascinate. Organize a great event, a corporate conference, a spa break or a thematic night at Thermae Sylla Spa and Wellness Hotel and have an event to remember.

6) (Pur)e-shop

A list of product that embodies all the history and research of our thermal water. Get all the benefits of Thermae Sylla’s celebrated thermal water right at the comfort of your house! Order our limited series of unique beneficial spa skin products, as well as a number of local home-grown and made gastronomical options, to enjoy wherever you are!

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