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Thermal Spa Weight Loss Retreat in Greece


Thermal Spa Weight Loss Retreat in Greece

Reset your body, bringing it back to its ideal state with our thermal spa weight loss retreat in Greece. We are going through challenging times when the whole world has come to a standstill, due to the home confinement health directive which aims at protecting our well-being on a global scale. Our routines have been disrupted and our plans have been indefinitely postponed. Yet, it is now more than ever, that we have to look within ourselves and find our own balance and practice self-discipline, something which is often difficult to achieve for most people. The current challenge is to stay fit, both physically and mentally, while staying at home, and the reality is that most of us will tend to nibble or overeat out of boredom, stress or general stagnancy. This only exacerbates the problem for people who already experience weight problems, but also for people who lack the determination to stay fit and just let themselves go. If your weight is an issue for you, then consider the opportunity to reshape your body with our thermal spa weight loss retreat in Greece, at the first chance of being able to travel again. 

Weight loss: benefits beyond appearance

Losing weight is not just about the ideal body aesthetic, that is, a pleasing appearance. In fact, appearance should be the last concern, especially for people who are severely overweight or obese. Serious health problems come hand in hand with obesity, the most important of which are various heart conditions, since the strain of carrying so much weight burdens vital functions in our bodies. Part of our specific spa programmes, the Thermae Sylla Wellness Hotel’s weight loss retreat in Greece is just the thing to shed the burden of extra weight and watch the changes unfold. The weight loss programme aims at kickstarting and then stabilizing your metabolism, increasing your energy levels, reducing your blood sugar and draining your body of water retention, thus improving blood circulation as well as alleviating your respiratory system, making breathing easier. With a medical approach to weight loss, our experienced therapists devise a week long or two week long intensive weight loss schedule that is tailored to your individual needs. You will receive consultation and supervision every step of the way, to help you stay focused for the life changing treatment you have chosen to undertake. 


Weight loss: the triptych of success:

Through our decades of experience with helping people from around the world to achieve their own personal wellness goals, when it comes to weight loss, we have identified the triptych of its success. In short, it is a carefully designed combination of physical activity, specific spa treatments and nutrition. Our personalised weight loss retreat in Greece will include daily exercise and swimming, which is the best low impact activity. Exercise is combined with a plethora of spa therapies that are aimed at reigniting your bodily functions, such as lymphatic massages and many more, that boost your system into detox mode, getting rid of excesses. Of course the results of such physical activity and specialised weight loss spa therapies can only take you so far, since nutrition natural therapies play a paramount role in any aspiration to lose weight. Your meal plan during your weight loss retreat in Greece will be according to a balanced dietary plan, where meals are prepared with the freshest seasonal produce, rich in vitamins to aid the body’s natural detoxification processes. Our healthy, home made food is steam cooked or grilled, using extra virgin olive oil, which we produce locally. The dietary element we offer has its roots in ancient Greek nutrition of natural and unprocessed ingredients, which bore the fundamentals of the world-renowned Greek and Mediterranean cuisine.


Weight loss: retreat in Greece’s best thermal spa

Combining the natural advantages of our unique location, in Edipsos, Evia, the historic thermal springs and the stunning spot where Thermae Sylla Wellness Hotel is situated, here your weight loss cure is one which is easily achieved. Wake up feeling renewed and greeted by wonderful visuals that will do wonders for your mental capacity. Enjoy the benefits of having everything sorted out for you by day one. Follow our medical step by step schedule that ensures weight loss throughout the duration of your stay, and learn the best practices to maintain your weight long after you leave us. Furthermore, our thermal waters, which are incorporated into most of the therapeutic treatments you will experience here as part of your weight loss retreat in Greece, are the number one natural remedy for a plethora of other ailments. These range from various skin conditions, rheumatisms, myoskeletal issues and many more. Find out more about the importance of thermal waters throughout the ages and consider the holistic benefits of joining our thermal spa weight loss retreat in Greece. Do right by yourself and be thankful later. Act responsibly without further procrastination, with the help of our experts and achieve your weight loss goals with our thermal spa weight loss retreat in Greece.

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