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Thermae Sylla Oscar Body


Thermae Sylla Oscar Body

Oscar-Worthy Body

The big day is closing and in a few days we’ll know who’s taking home the esteemed trophy. Uncle Oscar’s award show is the ultimate red carpet runway, with over a billion people interested in the results of the Academy. But in order for all those celebrities to walk the red carpet looking flawless they go through a special month-long routine.

Remove the unhealthy stuff

Hot male and female movie stars say bye bye to all these awful guilty ingredients that are part of a normal shopping list. Bread and refined flour, sugar, liquor, spreads, margarine, but also unusual suspects like semi-skimmed yogurt and dietary products as well as diet sodas.

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Eat properly

Fresh is a must. Think of it this way: if a food goes bad in three days, it’s the right thing to consume. Celebrities opt for a diet with eggs, veggies like mushrooms and asparagus, fruit and lean proteins like chicken or fish. But there need to be carbs also, at least one solid carb, preferably from brown rice, a sweet potato or even from a whole-grain rusk. Now if they want a snack or something to nibble on while watching on TV all the nominees for best picture, dried fruits and fresh nuts are the best.

Invest in the effort

It all comes down to what they want to do. If they feel they’re absolutely fine with their everyday routine and how they look, they’ll just focus on the last week; if their goal is more far-fetched they’ll have to plan months ahead. They arrange a cleansing session for one to three days and then one or two days at a spa to go through all the necessary regimes for their body and skin to look healthy and blowing.

Get a rest

Three words for celebrity looks: sleep, sleep, sleep. There are no people attending an event who haven’t had a week of good night sleeps. Six to eight hours of night sleep plus one hour rest or nap. That is so they'll be rested and prepared to go on the red carpet, but on the other hand it’s also essential for staying on track, with the effort they’re throwing.

8 Glasses-A-Day

Drink some water and then drink some more…Celebrities are required to drink two liters of plain water, notwithstanding whatever they drink while working out. But because water helps both the ingestion and digestion as well as maintaining the sugar and salt balance on blood it is important to consumer in the right time. Most celebrities drink one liter in the morning and an alternate after lunch, as well as whenever they feel thirsty. Last, but not least, male celebrities who hit the gym for many hours every day, may need up to one more liter.

Work it out

Stars ask for fast muscle reaction, where new fitness activities are presented at during intervals amid regular workouts, but that’s not for everyone. Most start with a good cardio exercise, before even breakfast. Then they also do pilates or Yoga or focus on muscle building alternately. If they want to burn fat fast, they do reactional exercises for 4 to 8 minutes before their morning run, and if they just want to highlight their fit bodies, they do them for 4 minutes before bedtime.

On the big day

Breakfast is the most critical feast of the day. Celebrities go for eggs (poached, hard-bubbled or an egg white omelet) with tomato and maybe some rusks, or for a dish of fresh fruits after the workout, and save the eggs that have protein for lunch. They don’t forget fiber, protein or solid fat, even on the big day.

All this hard work fits in an extravagant dress (or tux), ready to make tomorrow’s Fashion headlines or even better the Oscar Winners photo.

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