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The importance of good sleep during holidays


The importance of good sleep during holidays

Sleep is one of those things which we do not second guess. It comes naturally at the end of our day and we think nothing more of it than being essential in order to be able to get up and go about our daily life the following morning. However, if you pause to think about the importance of sleep, you would probably cut your late nights short. Sleep is, by definition, essential for us to keep on living, but what about the quality of our sleep? Few people can say that they get a good night’s sleep on a regular basis. This is why good sleep is one of the most important things to secure, especially during your holidays.

How Thermae Sylla helps you achieve this:

Holidays are your annual opportunity to set the record straight, to reclaim lost time, to do good by you. Self-care is something that we know a lot about, being the best thermal spa resort in Greece where our guests’ wellness is the number one priority. Starting with the basics for good sleep, at Thermae Sylla Wellness Spa Hotel, we have luxury mattresses in all our rooms, so that you rest your body on a rectangular ‘cloud’ of comfort every night.

Magnesium powered sleep:

Soaking in our thermal waters is fundamental with regards to achieving deep states of sleep. Magnesium is the number one active mineral that improves your sleeping habits, placing you in an ultra calming state. Most people who do not have access to a natural source of Magnesium only have the option of taking oral supplements to help them relax, however, at our natural thermal springs, Magnesium is plentiful and in abundance. Take a bath in our natural thermal springs and let them work their wonders on your body. Even after your first soak, you will notice how a sweet kind of fatigue takes over you, preparing you for one of the deepest, most carefree sleeps you have ever had.

Other therapies that induce relaxation:

Next we suggest you try one of our soothing massage treatments or specialized therapies. We offer a diverse range that draws upon the wellness wisdom of both eastern and western practices. You can choose whichever one you feel is a good match for you, however, if you cannot make up your mind, we have a wellness consultation expert that can evaluate your individual needs and recommend the best treatments for you.

A thermal mud therapy session for example, can help regulate your metabolism, stimulate your neuroendocrine system while relaxing your muscles and improving blood circulation. After one of these sessions, you will notice your heart rate slow down, a perfect condition for being followed by a siesta nap during late afternoon.

What are the benefits of sleeping well?
Sleep is the number one natural remedy. During your sleep, your bodily functions are restored. It is the downtime of all systems and your daily rehab for repairing all fronts at micro level. Here is how regular, quality sleep helps your wellness both physically and mentally.

Physical benefits:

  • Helps maintain a healthy and strong heart.
  • Helps to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Helps to reduce inflammation.
  • Helps boost your immune system.
  • Helps you lose excess weight and/or prevent you from gaining weight.

Mental benefits:

  • Helps improve your memory and nervous system.
  • Helps you be more alert during waking hours.
  • Helps to improve your productivity and performance.
  • Helps improve your mood & keeps your emotions in check.
  • Helps reduce accidents and injuries due to tiredness.


Overall, the natural thermal waters, specialized wellness treatments offered at Thermae Sylla improve blood circulation, relax the muscles, combat arthritic aches and other pains, all the while preparing you for a state of sleep serenity that is vital for the proper functionality of all body systems. So come for your wellness and see how your sleep quality is improved, even after the first night.

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