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The Healing Benefits of Greece’s most famous hot springs

The Healing Benefits of Greece’s most famous hot springs


The Healing Benefits of Greece’s most famous hot springs

The Healing Benefits of Greece’s most famous hot springs

Feel the healing benefits of Greece’s most famous springs found in Epidsos, right beneath the foundations of our wellness oriented hotel in Evia. Packed with a plethora of minerals and powerful therapeutic elements, our thermal waters soothe, relax, treat and heal your body, Their numerous wellness properties have been known for centuries for alleviating various ailments. Soaking in hot springs in Greece will offer you many important health benefits that will boost your wellness almost instantly.  Let’s take a look at some of the major advantages that come from bathing in hot springs in Greece.

Healing benefits of bathing in hot springs in Greece:

  • Improves blood circulation by reducing high blood pressure.

  • Soothes against the painful symptoms of arthritis.

  • Strengthens bones and relaxes the muscles.

  • Promotes healthier, more radiant skin and battles skin conditions. .

  • Detoxifies and reduces stress through better cell oxygenation.

  • Enhances better sleep by assisting the body’s natural restorative processes,

  • Reduces nasal congestion and boosts your respiratory system.

Why Thermae Sylla’s hot springs in Greece?

Our expertise, personal dedication to wellness and natural advantage of our thermal springs make a trip to Thermae Sylla a lifetime experience. 

The most historic natural spa in Greece

At Edipsos, where our Thermae Sylla Wellness Hotel is situated, are the most famed and trusted hot springs in Greece since the 4th century BC. The facility of our natural thermal spa has been in operation for a staggering 4000 years. They are Greek nature’s oldest known thermal spa, with the water springing from a natural source more than 3 km below the ground. 

Highly therapeutic thermal waters

Our thermal waters are laden with a range of different metals, minerals and elements that work wonders due to their high concentration that measures about 40-45 grams per liter, including Radon which is incredibly beneficial in stimulating the immune system. Other verified, high quality elements of our thermal spring waters are calcium, potassium, iron, lithium, magnesium, and sodium. What is particularly salient to mention is the magnesium to calcium ratio at 1:4 which constitutes the ideal combination for body absorption, according to the reports of the International Magnesium Commission. 

Holistic approach to wellness

Our holistic approach to maximising your wellness focuses around the individual. Being a wellness establishment with hotel facilities and not the other way around, our prime concern is to enhance your wellness and well-being, leaving you transformed through your stay with us. We are concerned about understanding what needs of yours need to be addressed through consultations in order to devise your personalized wellness plan for the best results. 

Additional insight tip: How to properly bathe in hot springs in Greece

It is a misconception that the longer you bathe in thermal waters, the more benefits you will experience. Since the elements of our thermal waters are so powerful, we recommend the duration of your soak to be between 15 and 20 minutes, followed by the same amount of time outside the waters to allow your body to rest, reset and adjust. It is normal to feel tired after soaking in thermal waters, but this is the body’s natural reaction to the healing properties it has been exposed to. The feeling of fatigue is only temporary, soon leaving you feeling absolutely refreshed and invigorated. 

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