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Our 20th anniversary marks 2 decades of achievements


Our 20th anniversary marks 2 decades of achievements

Celebrating 20 years since the current management of Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel first took it upon themselves to ...curate this landmark of a hotel in the renowned thermal springs region of Edipsos in Evia.

In light of this joyous anniversary event, we would like to share some of the things we have accomplished during these two decades, all of which are the results of our constant commitment to improving our services for providing the best therapeutic experiences for our guests.

The destination:

Discover the ancient ritual of healing through our thermal water

In the last 20 years, our destination, Edipsos, has gradually been established as a place to visit at any age, and all year round. Due to the physical benefits of thermal water that have been known for centuries, thermal springs have perennially been the go-to place for those in immediate need of their miraculous properties, typically the elderly and those who are suffering from injuries. However, the benefits of thermal water are actually something that everyone can, and should, experience, any time of year. Read about the plentiful benefits of thermal springs in Winter and it might change your perspective about when to visit us.

During the last 20 years, we have gone one step further in terms of exploring the benefits of thermal water, looking at the broader benefits of its interaction with the human body. Thus, we introduced therapies such as Detox and Anti-Stress programmes, that are designed for those who are overwhelmed by the metaphorical 'pains' of modern life - stress, anxiety, frustration, agitation. These mental ailments have no age restriction while they are most likely to manifest within the working age groups, therefore, between 30 and 50 years old. If you often feel languid, lacking energy and exhausted, you may be in need of a wellness holiday free of stress.

Now, Edipsos is seen as a Greek destination that promotes health through natural sources, that is highly beneficial for a wide range of afflictions and issues that hinder wellness of mind and body. We are delighted to have contributed to this, and helping put Edipsos on the map of spa vacations for all ages and any season.

The facilities, services & products:

Seeking excellence to guarantee the best experience

The facilities and services of Thermae Sylla have been constantly and consistently maintained as well as upgraded throughout the last 20 years of operation. This includes both the hotel and spa areas of the establishment, through various renovations and revamps of existing facilities as well as the introduction of new equipment and procedures, as dictated by the latest technological advances in the medical wellness field.

We have placed great importance on our research and development as it is an inherent part of our dedication to providing high quality experiences for our guests. Our professional staff team proactively receives on-going training as well as regularly attending seminars with the aim of improving our body and face treatments, as well as remaining up-to-date, always one step ahead.

Making wellness simple, effective & personal

We have categorized our therapies into three main categories: Specific Spa Programmes, Wellness Treatments and Medical Spa Treatments, each hosting a group of therapies with a common goal.

You can start by doing almost nothing, by just soaking in the goodness of our upgraded thermal pools. It is really that simple. Another recommendation is to try one of our natural remedies such as the sensational mud therapy treatment, which offers valuable, anti-inflammatory action as well as aiding endorphin secretion. For anything that is more personalized, your tailor-made wellness holiday can be a combination of various treatments, depending on your individual needs. If you are not sure about those, a consultation with our medical expert will point you in the right direction and your wellness journey now has an bespoke itinerary that will fit you like a glove.

Offering the best of Greek nature

We are strong believers in the power of nature, because we see it work its magic on a daily basis. For this reason, we have devised a quality line of products that harness the benevolent force of thermal water. Unique, premium, thermal spa products with the seal of approval and signature of Thermae Sylla for the face and body, containing all the nutrients and minerals found in the thermal springs of Edipsos.

Apart from our luxurious spa products, we also have an organic, gourmet edibles product range, sourced from local producers, which we incorporate into our in-house gastronomy too. Such products are extra virgin olive oil, exquisite wine and moreish olives that are also available to take away as delectable souvenirs.

Τhe recognition:

The distinctions that ensued, following the past 20 year period of operation, make us very proud and very hopeful for the future. We have received many merits for both our therapies as well as our overall facilities and here are some of the most salient highlights:

- Condé Nast Traveler has named Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel one of the 10 best thermal spas in the world.

- Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel is the only thermal spa in Greece that has been certified by European Spas Association (ESPA), a certification that undergoes an annual review.

- Ours are the sole Thermal Springs tourism destination that is recognised by EOT (Greek National Tourism Organisation) and has an official government licence.

Apart from these named distinctions, recognition also comes in the form of loyal guests from Greece and all over the world, who return to relive their wellness experience with us. Receiving this heartfelt love from our guests is the best reward we could ask for, as it our their happiness that we hold most dear to us.

Thermae Sylla is undoubtedly a trademark of Edipsos, as the singularly most iconic building set on a landscape corner, clearly visible as you approach from the sea. It commands the attention of visitors instantly, and while appearances may fade from memory, experiences become engraved in both mind and heart. In the last 20 years it has also managed to become a trademark of Thermal Tourism in Greece, placing Edipsos at the forefront of wellness holidays, that focus on the individual and their specific needs while providing the expertise and means to achieve a higher state of health with minimum effort and maximum impact.

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