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Men's Spa Treatments

Men's Spa Treatments


Men's Spa Treatments

Men's Spa Treatments

Men’s spa treatments are a thing. Spas are not solely a ladies affair, although there is general consensus that they mostly appeal to women who have perennially been more concerned with their appearance than men, in general. However, spa treatments and therapies are not just about beautification. The beauty treatments have come about through the development of spa culture and the popularity of vanity in western cultures. Historically and empirically, the importance of spa treatments lies in the manifold health benefits they provide. Able to remedy a wide range of ailments and conditions that have been associated with the stresses of modern life, spending a few days in a the top thermal medical spa resort in Greece like ours, means you reboot both men’s and women’s well-being into a state of holistic wellness and overall alignment.

Thermae Syllas’s recommendations for men’s spa treatments
Here we provide our guests with ample opportunities that stimulate the body’s natural healing process with the ultimate goal of resetting the body for a better quality life, free of frustrations whether in mind, body or spirit. Whether it is simply stress that has taken its toll on your body, or whether you suffer from more complicated conditions, we invite you to come heal with us.  

1) The great Thermal Grotta soak
Men are welcome to start their journey towards wellness at our sensational thermal grotta. Begin with a thermal soak and hot steam bath in a thermal cave; it will improve your breathing, boosting your respiratory system. It will usher you into detox mode, as the high temperatures induce perspiration even if you are in the water.

Furthermore it can alleviate the following conditions:
- Arthropathies, arthritis and spondylo-arthritis
- Chronic rheumatism & neuritis (including neuralgia - myalgia)
- Mysceletic disorder such as lumbago & sciatica
- Tendon tensions
- Circulatory issues
- Endocrinological cycle disorders among others...

2) The deeply relaxing Massages
Next up for men’s spa treatments, come the after soaking in the beneficial, warm waters of our thermal pools that have prepared your body, come the massage therapies. After the soak, your softened body is supple and more malleable, making it perfect for further pampering, allowing you to enter a state of deep relaxation. 

After having consulted our experienced therapists, in order for us to find the right treatment for you, take your pick from our specialised Thermae Sylla massages.

The 30 minute Anti-stress massage is for relieving psychosomatic imbalances caused by stress. It will de-stress, relax and calm you.
The indications that you might need this treatment are: anxiety, lack of concentration, lack of energy, sleeplessness, headaches, muscular pain. 

The 60 minute Deep tissue massage is for alleviating your body of muscular tensions that have come about. It will instantly soothe your muscles.
This massage aims at achieving: reduction and elimination of chronic pain, toxin excretion and activation of muscle groups. 

3) The Men’s Facial
Increasingly, men are beginning to pay more attention to their looks. For this reason, we have specifically devised the 45 minute Express facial for men. It is designed for the needs of men’s skin, and will purify, moisturize and relax with the help of natural extractions and active ingredients.

Facials promote toning of the skin and allows for a better and smoother appearance overall, rejuvenating the top layers whilst regenerating new skin cells. 

For a total body turnaround using our suitable men’s spa treatments, consult our expertise for finding the personalized the Spa program that is tailored to you. Begin by discussing your individual conditions and needs with our experienced medical practitioners and therapists who will best advise you how to reach your desired wellness goals. 

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