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History and Mythology of the Thermal Water of Edipsos


History and Mythology of the Thermal Water of Edipsos


Thermal water has been used for thousands of years by all civilizations for the many health benefits it offered. If one was to study when thermal water was first used as a treatment he’ll go to times of myth, rather than history. Greek mythology has it that Goddess Athena asked Hefestos to create a healing sanctuary for Herculis to rest and revitalise after his labors. So, Hefestos stroke his hammer on Edipsos and hence the ground started sprinkle water from the depths of the fiery earth.

The Myth perfectly symbolises the aspects and benefits of thermal water: The thermal spring is requested by the goddess of wisdom, its intent is to heal and relax, it involves the element of fire and the water comes from deep in the earth. All these facts simply indicate the basic understanding of thermal water by the ancient Greeks and henceforth how the Romans used such springs. Aristotle himself used the 'Aidipson Thermas' as a way to explain his theories about earth sciences and his explanations on geological and climatic phenomena.

Roman emperors, noble men and women traveled from all the Roman Empire to get help in treating Rheumatism, Arthritis, Blood circulation problems, Asthma, Insomnia, Nervous system disorders, Circulatory disorders and Skin problems. General Syllas, who was held in very high regards with the Emperor and the Senate has healed in the thermal waters of Edipsos after suffering from excessive uric acid. He gave his name to the cave where he was treated and made sure the Roman Army didn’t touch anything in the town of Edipsos.

Edipsos was the most prominent thermal spring in Greece and played host to countless people who seeked relief, until the 6th or seventh century, when a visit to thermal springs was associated to paganism in the very Christian society of the period. Emperors Augustus and Hadrian subsequently visit the roman spa built there, however since Christianity made all Europeans abandon thermal baths, there are only a few ruins left to remind us of Edipsos great therma history.

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