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Eating for Wellness: healthy diet effects on well-being


Eating for Wellness: healthy diet effects on well-being

Learn how to eat well. Be sensible and treat yourself well. Your body is a temple and we are what we eat. Two very true statements. Yet nowadays life can be so frantic in the modern world and there is so much going on that most days we may not be able to check our eating pattern. Perhaps we forgot to eat one evening, or overate the next or are not making good choices when it comes to snacks, or are not counting alcohol intake. 

Stability and balance are very important to eating for wellness. Think of yourselves as a machine. It could be well oiled and working at its absolute best, its optimal performance levels, if only it was fuelled with some premium quality of oil. That is the only mindset you need in order to grasp the utmost importance that a well-rounded and consistent nutritional habit can really change yourself, inside out. Here are Thermae Sylla Wellness Hotel’s top ten tips to assimilate into your nutritional patterns that will help you achieve maximum wellness levels. 

The top 10 fundamental eating habits for better living

1. No extremes - Avoid the radical diets. Various no carbs, protein or fasting diets may get you short term results but it disrupts your metabolism in order to do so while none are a sustainable nutritional plan for the long run.

2. A little bit of everything - Don’t create cravings. Starving yourselves for favourite foods could lead to the occasional binge which is much worse than working your eating habits around some of your favourite foods during the week. 

3. Balanced amounts - Don’t overeat. Regardless of if it was considered healthy or not, overeating stretches the lining of your stomach, which in turn begins to demand more food to reach the point of satiation, if done systematically. 

4. Hearty portions - Be sensible. Although you should not over do it, ration sized portions is definitely not the answer either. At least half of your place should be covered in greens (fruits or vegetables) so you don’t go overboard on your other half too much anyway. 

5. Fruits and vegetables - Easy to eat raw, fruits and vegetables are a natural source of fiber, are packed with minerals and vitamins and should be consumed with a rule of thumb of 5 items per day.

6. Drink plenty of water - You can never drink too much water. Think of it as the body’s lubricant helping it not to overheat. An adult should drink about 3-4 litres of water per day to stay hydrated. 

7. Green tea instead of coffee - Why not switch your coffee for green tea? If you can adhere to the change, you’ll find that green tea is slimming since it is a powerful antioxidant.  

8. Less meat, more legumes - Be more mindful of how much meat you consume. Consider switching to wholesome and protein loaded legumes like lentils, chickpeas and beans instead of your usual meat portion. 

9. Check sugar and salt intake - Sugar and salt is hidden in many foods you consume. All the more in processed items both sugar and salt, helping in preserving the shelf life of a snack. Try switching to fresh, raw veggie snacks such as carrots and cucumber. 

10. Avoid fried foods on a regular basis - Frying foods increases their caloric and fat value significantly so you may want to avoid them and maybe look at them only as a treat, every once in a while.



Eating for Wellness at Thermae Sylla

The key is learning how to eat well. At Thermae Sylla, we pride ourselves on knowing the secrets of feeling, looking and being well, which we will gladly share with you. After all, eating well doesn’t always mean dieting. It is about learning to reprogramme your body by giving it balanced, healthy food to run on.  

We are dedicated to offering all who seek the guidance of our expertly devised spa wellness programmes for weight loss and not only, our new chef Giannis Baxevanis has brought his talent and love for the inherently wholesome Greek recipes to our Restaurants

Dishes that speak a world of Mediterranean flavour, sourced from the freshest local ingredients and organic products from our farm, using fragrant herbs and wild greens that have beneficial and therapeutic properties, here you will be able to savour the very finest combinations of food that is delicious, balanced and ever so beneficial to you. 

We also run a successful weight loss programme and detox programme including nutritional plans to help you achieve your wellness goals faster. 


Healthy diet effects on well-being

There is no magic switch, eating your way to a healthier more radiant self will take its time. The best results can only be seen by making a habit out of a healthy diet. Sticking to a healthy diet or nutritional plan will help you to:

Feel better - not bloated, no water retention, lighter, not constipated coupled with a euphoric feeling of your body running at optimal fuel levels. You’ll observe immediate effects after the 2nd day of a balanced nutritional plan. A good tip to follow is to always leave the table saying you could have had a little bit more. Always remember to leave a little room for more. It helps your digestive system run better than it being at full capacity. 

Look better - skin, hair, nails - collagen booster, tighter, firmer especially if you combine exercise to achieve weight loss or want to look svelter and more toned. The beneficial nutrients, minerals and vitamins brought to you by meals that use the freshest and purest of ingredients will work wonders to your body. First they tend to your vitals and then they start to work their magic on your skin, making it absolutely radiant. After all, it is our body’s largest organ. 

Perform better - when you fuel your body the right way, it works at optimal levels. Healthy diet benefits on well-being are numerous, helping it to perform at its absolute best. A healthy diet or nutritional plan can adjust and fine tune your body to operate as well as it was designed to by default. We are all given the opportunity to treat our temple well, but we are sometimes blindsided by modern life.

This shifts our body’s balance and affects the following, while embracing a healthy diet improves the following: 

- Blood circulation - stabilized blood pressure
- Respiratory system - easier breathing & better oxygenation to organs
- Digestive benefits - regular bowel movements
- Healthy urinary tract - frequent excretion of toxins
- Lymphatic system - less water retention
- Homeostasis -  steady internal, physical, and chemical conditions of the body
- Energetic - increased levels of energy
- Mood booster - feel positive as you watch and feel the changes
- Sexual appetite & stamina - general wellbeing sets the mood and adds to endurance
- Mental clarity & stability - greater concentration and focus as well as intuition


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