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Chasing sunsets in Εdipsos

Chasing sunsets in Εdipsos


Chasing sunsets in Εdipsos

Chasing sunsets in Εdipsos

At Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel in Edipsos, Evia we are blessed with a magnificent location that unveils the endless magnificence of sky-meets-sea horizons, on a daily basis. And if chasing these fleeting yet astonishing sunset moments is what makes your soul sing, then we have collected a few of the most impressive sunset captures, taken right on our doorstep.


Sunsets are nature’s way of reminding us that magic does exist, every day, only if we care enough to notice it. They are both mysterious and comforting, representing the closing of day, the beginning of night and all the things that have transpired and will continue to transpire, right up until you decide to retire for the evening. At this enchanting hour, sunsets fill the sky with warm, soothing colours, an intoxicating blend of orange, pink and purple hues, that calms the senses and prepares you for the mysteries of the night that are yet to come. They are often mystifying too, often transfixing most viewers in a somewhat trance-like state for its entire duration. Sunsets are a time of healing, retrospection and tranquility, nature’s calling to find harmony and alignment with us and the world around us. 


People who adore sunsets, or sunset chasers as they are colloquially known as, will usually tell you that that is their favourite time of the day. They will either think about what the day that has just ended brought, what tomorrow or the imminent evening will bring, set goals for the day ahead or best of all, there will be no thinking whatsoever! They will also tell you that they try to witness as many sunsets as possible, since no two sunsets are ever the same, a uniqueness that makes them even more priceless, regardless of "where" but with a most definite on the "when". They will also go on to tell you how sunsets are inextricably linked to romance, as love is usually amplified when the noise of the day gives way to the quietude of the night. 


Sunsets are also a time to become more mindful and focus on harmonising ourselves. They are an excellent time to soak up some wellness in our natural thermal springs in Evia, or even perform some light exercise such as yoga in Edipsos which combines breath work with movement through concentration. Some people might prefer to be alone, possibly meditating too, since sunsets can help us be more present in the moment, and in absolute awe of nature’s supremacy and sublime beauty.  



Whatever sunsets bring out in you, listen to it. Heed the calling of what your soul is saying, whether it is to be still, be active or just aware. 

Disclaimer: The photos featured in this blog post are user generated content.
Special thanks to:@makrymova and @alika_obraz for their sunset photos taken at our hotel. 


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