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Bring a piece of Greece with you


Bring a piece of Greece with you

Your visit to Greece may be the envy of many, but you don’t have to act all mean and snobby when you return! The best way to amend for all those photos you posted having the most fun ever on social media is remembering all those waiting for you behind! Your co-worker who handled all your work during your absence, your best friend who had to work all month due to a last minute deadline, your family, who were too afraid that something will happen to you -oh, those parents! Start by making a list of people you’d like to buy something to, this way you won’t forget your mother and settle for an airport gift.

Your next task is finding the perfect souvenir and bring them gifts, that hopefully won't break your bank, but will make them experience a small part of Greece, just like you did! First think of what Greece means to you… Was it the climate that you fell in love with? The sun, the sea, the food, the culture? Maybe all of it! After figuring out what was Greece's appeal to you think of ways these characteristics would fit people on your list.

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You can’t bottle the sun or the sea (well, you can bottle the sea, but it really isn’t the same-like just don’t do it) but there are other ways to make your point. Buy a cap at their favourite colour, especially for younger relatives (your nephew will love it!) or a Thermae Sylla sunscreen (for his mother!) that indicate how lovely and sunny Greece is. If it’s the sea that left you talking about get them a beach towel, a sand pail or our thermal water spray that will show them your love for the sandy beaches of Greece. Was it food that got your tongue? Thermae Sylla offers some unique gourmet organic local products, like olives and amazing olive oil, but you can also opt for its exquisite wine that is made in limited quantities, mainly for the restaurants.

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