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Benefits of Thermal Springs

Benefits of Thermal Springs


Benefits of Thermal Springs

Benefits of Thermal Springs

What are the benefits of thermal springs in Winter? Manifold, in just one word. A natural source of geothermal power, the springs at Edipsos, Evia make for naturally therapeutic pools that are steaming with hot mineral goodness. The highly regarded properties of Edipsos thermal springs have been known far and wide, and are especially popular during the Winter. When air temperatures are below 10 degrees celsius, soaking in geothermal water that is 28 - 32 degrees celsius and carries many microelements, works wonders.

Our indoor pool is 100% filled with geothermal water of 30-32 degrees, while our outdoor pool is 50% geothermal 50% sea water and at 28 - 30 degrees. The most obvious advantage of thermal springs in winter is the undeniable fact that the hot water is much more tolerable than in the summer. Your 20 minute soak is much more enjoyable during winter when your body craves the heat rather than in the warmer months, when air temperatures are, on occasion, nearly as high as the thermal water. In fact, a significant difference between air and water speeds up the internal processes of homeostasis which is correlated to these following benefits in many respects.

See below for further benefits of thermal springs in Winter that aid in improving a whole range of conditions, while invigorating you and helping to reset your system, thus enhancing wellness levels.

Better sleep: the interchanging processes of body heating and cooling helps relaxation and promotes better sleep.
Increased blood circulation: enhances blood oxygenation and better organ function, and regulated blood pressure.
Boosted lymphatic system: facilitates the natural detox process making it more efficient in removing toxins.
Stronger cardiovascular network: becomes more robust and endurant, protects from circulatory disease.
Improved complexion: better blood circulation has visible results on the skin, making it clearer and smoother.

Kindly note that, although geothermal baths are undoubtedly good for your wellness, the duration of each bath should be minded. As defined by the doctors of Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel, each thermal bath should not exceed 15-20 minutes, and should be followed by another 15-20 minutes of rest.


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