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A 5-day indulgence in Thermae Sylla


A 5-day indulgence in Thermae Sylla

According to an ancient Greek quotation “Healthy mind in healthy body” is the ideal combination for man's well-being, and the experts at Thermae Sylla couldn't agree more! Motivated by people who love their body and others who seek a retreat to rejuvenate themselves and charge their batteries, Thermae Sylla offers a wide range of options for relaxation, revitalizing and exercising, as well.

So, if a visit to the unique town of Edipsos lies within your plans for a next getaway, then here's an inspiration on how to get the most out of your stay in Thermae Sylla, along with the surrounding area.

On-site indulgence

First and foremost, pay a visit to the famous thermal spa. The absolutely natural mineral spring baths are ideal for guests who seek to balance their body and mind for a positive approach to life.

If you think that your skin needs some pampering too, then why not try out some of our fantastic wellness treatments. From detoxication, thermal mud, or even toning and firming treatments to facial massages opt the ones that suit you best!

On-site action

Furthermore, part of feeling good also includes being active. Therefore, in our premises guests will also have the chance to work out in the spacious and private gym. Yoga classes and water activities in the pool area are also organized here.

On-site relaxation

Guests who only want to relax can easily do so on the wooden deck of the inviting swimming pool area. Sit back and savor the Greek sunshine and sea breeze, enjoy the view of the Eubean Gulf and dine with a healthy light lunch or simply sip an aromatic coffee.

See the sights

Thanks to the wealth of historical sites, Edipsos Town could equally be an interesting destination for culture enthusiasts. Remains of towers, baths and castles can still be seen here, plus some monuments from more recent history. Nature lovers could visit Syllas Cave considered one of the best preserved sites since the Roman era, this cave not far from the property and next to the Church of Agion Anargyron was where the Roman General Syllas cured the arthritis in his legs. Just a short drive from Edipsos you'll find the Roman Baths of Gialtra. This little town once had important thermal baths. Today only bits remain of the ancient baths along the beach today, although visitors can still dip into the thermal waters. The fans of ancient Greece can admire a small sample of the grandiose architecture of that era in the small village of Pefki, where the Sanctuary of goddess Artemis lies.

Go swimming

To soak up that all important sun, sea and sand go on a day excursion in Lihadonisia, a handful of small islets across the seaside town of Lihada. If you like popular beaches then Agios Georgios beach would surely charm you as it is equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, as well as a beach bar. If you’re looking for more secluded swimming, the rest of the islets are within swimming distance and feature extremely shallow waters.

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Step into nature's spa and immerse yourself in the pampering services of Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness to rejuvenate body and mind in a unique and vitalizing experience!

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