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5 Reasons to wake up early during your holidays


5 Reasons to wake up early during your holidays

At Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel we are all about holistic wellness. Because wellness should be a holistic matter. It all boils down to how good you are at taking care of yourself and the choices you make to that effect. Our body is indeed a temple and the only place we have to live in. If you don’t like this mystical analogy, think of it as an engine or a machine, and treating it well means it can run at optimal levels.

And how do we go about doing that? Nutrition is one major factor. Exercise is another. Specialised wellness treatments help a lot too, for getting to the root of issues that have crept up over the years when we have been a little bit negligent perhaps. And one last thing that many of us oversee: starting your day early after a quality night’s sleep.

5 reasons to become an early riser during your holidays

1. Waking up to morning glory
There is nothing more satiating to the soul than waking up to witness early morning glory. In a sun drenched country like Greece especially, there are plenty of advantages in waking up early. The sunlight in the early morning is the healing kind, gracing surfaces and caressing your skin. Everything is all the more glorious in the gentle morning light.

2. Swimming early in the morning

Waking up early gives you more energy to spend throughout the day. And what is more refreshing in the summer than an early morning swimming session? At Thermae Sylla Spa & Wellness Hotel we have the best of both worlds, whether you are a person who prefers to swim in the sea or at one of our thermal pools. Swimming is a form of low impact exercise, recommended even for people who have suffered injuries too. 

3. The most beneficial sun therapy
The sun is the giver of life on Earth, but it can also have some harmful effects to it as well. Avoiding sunbathing between the hours of 11am and 4pm is considered to be best practice, so waking up early for a beneficial sunbathing session gives you the best sun exposure and will fill your body with the goodness of vitamin D.

4. Healthy breakfast to fuel you
As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, waking up early and digging into a healthy breakfast meal is the best way to fuel your body. Avoid added sugar, and get your sugar hit from fresh fruits or honey. Choose freshly squeezed juices, perhaps opt for tea instead of coffee and begin your day with a super healthy detox power meal. 

5. Morning walks and runs by the sea
Some people who go on regular early walks and runs even before breakfast, will tell you it is a morning ritual that they cannot live without. Now what if that habit were to transpire in a gorgeous seaside setting? Feeling the sea breeze as you walk or run along the promenade will fill your lungs with clean air, get your blood pumping and help you detoxify through sweat, the natural way. 

Overall, making a habit out of getting up early instils you with more energy and helps your well-being holistically. Consistent early risers can attest to being happier than most people who are night-owls.  Getting up early on a regular basis helps you feel better, as studies have shown those who are regular early risers have a more optimistic outlook on life, have more positive thoughts, are more productive and are less likely to develop mental illness such as depression and anxiety.

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