Wellness holidays at the best spa hotel in Greece for winter

Are you after the ideal holiday destination to relax and decompress during the winter months? You've found it in Greece's Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel - the ultimate winter antidote in the form of one of the best spa hotels in Greece for winter getaways. Situated in the charming seaside town of Edipsos on the island of Evia, Thermae Sylla is a luxurious retreat that offers a unique spa experience. You'll find the premises constructed around natural hot springs that are known to have healing properties that alleviate aches and pains and improve circulation. These hot springs have been used for medicinal purposes since antiquity, and Thermae Sylla is the perfect place to experience their healing powers.

Thermae Sylla is not just another spa hotel in Greece. It is among the highest ranking, best spa hotel in Greece for winter and throughout the year because of these reasons, at a glance:

  • 4000 years old, naturally occurring thermal springs
  • Medical and scientific approach to spa therapies
  • Awarded in 2022 by World Luxury Spa Awards
  • Wonderful and inspiring setting by the sea

As the best spa hotel in Greece for winter especially, Thermae Sylla boasts a considerable array of wellness-oriented facilities, naturally predisposed to embody the perfect remedy for the winter blues. Here you can fend off the cold temperatures in the most natural, energizing and enjoyable way. Read all about the healing benefits of Greece's most famous hot springs to get a better understanding of how a thermal soak can restore your body's settings to optimal levels. Whether you're after some respite from the vagaries of the winter or just want a break from everyday grind, Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel is where you need to be to recuperate and rejuvenate.

It all begins with a simple soak in the indoor and outdoor thermal pools, as your initiation toward the new and improved version of you. After that, you can indulge in our extensive Wellness Treatments which include a range of treatments, such as soothing massages, facials as well as the purifying thermal mud-balneotherapy.

Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel

One of the most unique features of Thermae Sylla in addition to being a natural sauna 'park' offering a range of soak experiences in the mineral-packed thermal waters, guests can target individual needs directly, with a series of Specific Spa Programs, such as the Detox, Anti-Stress or the Weight-Loss program. And yet we take wellness one step further, with our Medical Spa Treatments for a more scientific approach towards holistic well-being, to cover nutrition, physiotherapy, anti-aging and aesthetic beauty too.

In addition to the spa facilities, Thermae Sylla Spa Wellness Hotel has a range of sophisticated rooms & suites. Travelling for hours to return to your base kind of defeats the point of what you set out to do at Thermae Sylla. So here you can recuperate and rest after your treatments in live in your bathrobe if you like. The accommodation options range from standard rooms to luxury suites with sea views, each elegantly decorated with modern amenities. The hotel's dining options are also extensive, including four exceptional Restaurants and two Bars serving drinks and light snacks, all of which have received a healthy makeover. And if one wishes to dial up the excitement, note that Thermae Sylla offers a fair few activities such as pilates and yoga classes, as well as the location lending itself for various nature walks.

Beyond the hotel, Edipsos is a charming town that offers a taste of traditional Greek life; its thermal springs have attracted people for centuries prior, it would seem. Visitors are more than encouraged to explore the town's archaeological museum, showcasing artifacts from the area's rich history. Edipsos is also home to a lively market, where visitors can find locally-made products, including honey, olive oil and handmade crafts.

So if you're looking for a winter getaway that combines relaxation, history, and culture, you've found it in at Thermae Sylla. It remains the best spa hotel in Greece for winter escapades, perfectly conditioned to ensconce and escape the cold and recharge your body and soul. Whether you're seeking a romantic retreat or a solo adventure, Thermae Sylla offers a tranquil and luxurious experience that will leave you feeling fully refreshed and rejuvenated.